Special prize Scotch 2010 / Nominee: award of Kandinsky in the category «Project of Year» 2013/ Award «PROSTO PREMIA» 2014


I am living and working in Moscow, Russia and now in Berlin.

I finished College of Animation Cinematography, University of Printing and Publishing as an illustrator and University of Problems of Modern Art. I am a member of Moscow Union of Artists.

I am working in Photography, Graphic and illustration. My art is in various private collections in Russia and Germany.

I think that art must make people feel, get emotional. Emotions make us think. Artist, who is trying to pass on his or her feelings through the art, understands (must understand) the consequences of his/her massages, actions and what reaction there would be on them. Would you make them smile, or angry, or sad. This is very important.


Personal show

2012  «2 phase», Zverev Center

2014 «Why do I always feel a guilty», Zverevski Centre

2015 "Texts", residence Simon Mraz Cultural Attaché of Austria

2017 "Waves hand", Gallerz Fine Art, Moscow



2017,2018 Vladey, Moscow


Some of exhibitions

2009 «Russian letrizm», Central House of Artists

2010 ART-Moskow, Central House of Artists, special prize Scotch

2010 «On the contrary», The Factory

2010 Youth Biennale of Contemporary Art, «Stop! ! Who is coming? » ММСИ,

2011 The End, gallery «The end»

2011 «Interior-ity," The 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

2011 «Freedom of Choice» The Factory                                 

2012 «Path Road» ArtPlay

2013 Kandinsky-prize longlist exebition, Udarnik

2013 «Feminist’s pencil 2», Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, Oslo                                                                            

2014 PROSTO premia, Krasniy Oktyabr

2014 Locked, A3 gallery

2015 «Russland vs Russland», Berlin

2015 «Her», Vladivistok

2015 г. Workroom 2015 Mmoma, Moscow

2015 г. Moscow art communites, Museum of Moscow



Residence, festival & etc

2014 Kvir_feminist_actziya, Viena

2015 Summer school "Cho delat?", Berlin